Love Begins at Fifty
Raymond Hopkins
Director - Doreen Jackson

Performed at
The Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham

17 - 20 November 2004



Anita Debanks
Clive Debanks
Jack Reynolds
Claire Murphy
Tracy Barton
Annabel Wickson
Mavis Leggett
Emily Roberts
Henry Clarke


Polly Lewis
David Pimm
Martin Grant
Isobel Simpson
Heather Clare-Angelini
Hannah Coleman
Barbara Garner
Tania Lambley
Brian Hickingbotham 

Anita and Clive Debanks have been married for 28 years and have led an uneventful life. But all that is about to change. Although in a loveless marriage, Clive has never been unfaithful. However, as preparations for his fiftieth birthday are underway, Clive feels that life is passing him by and has a yearning for one last fling. To this end, he chooses three prospective partners from the ‘Lonely Hearts’ column in the local paper. By a strange twist of fate, the same paper is offering a Caribbean cruise, as the first prize, in a competition to find the perfect married couple. Anita enters the competition but keeps it a secret form Clive. Both have close friends with whom they confide, plus a daughter Tracey, who brings marital problems home to roost.

A photographer arrives to take pictures of the happy couple the night Anita is away, and Clive is busy at home, entertaining one of his new dates. From that point onwards, things get a little complicated, to say the least. This very funny play has a cast of nine and includes a special appearance by Suzie the Goldfish!