Fly Me To The Moon
John Godber
Director - Martin Olley

Performed at
The Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham

11-14 May 2011


Dave - Martin Daff
Anne - Suzanne Webb
Madge - Polly Lewis
Dougie - Richard Baker
Fern - Barbara Gardner
Kelly - Augusta Lees
Stella - Jane Webb
Dr Jones - Matt Wilson
Stew - James Coleman

A comedy in one airport! John Godber brings his ear for panic and his eye for social observation to the Fear of Flying Course. Set over one day and in one location, you can’t fail to feel the tension as the pressure builds and the nerves become frayed! It’s humour through clenched teeth!

Anne is fed up with the caravan and wants to fly off on holiday, her husband, Dave is terrified of flying so she books them on a Fly with Confidence Course! Dave is naturally nervous having been in a plane struck by lightening and post-9/11. They are joined on the course by Madge, clinically nervous of flying, Dougie, part-time crooner and full-time lorry driver, timid Fern, the environmental science graduate, and Stella who loves flying so much that no-one knows why she is on the course. Their instructors form an interesting crew: Stew, the pilot, who loves the ladies, but hates heights, Kelly the stewardess, who hates people and Dr Ken Jones, the psychologist who is in need of help himself.

So check in your baggage, take a seat and keep your seat belt fastened as you may experience some turbulence!

Noda Grantham Journal




Augusta and Richard

Martin (Director) and Debbie (Producer)


Richard and Martin

Polly and Jane



After show party!      
    Who stole the last prawn?!?!?!?