Early Shots Of Rehearsals for "Toad Of Toad Hall"

  Early Days Reheasals are a casual affair       

The Following Photo's, Courtesy Of Chuckies Photography

Lynn Gray as Toad

Gus Sparrow as Badger

Briony Sparrow as Mole

Tony Hine as Ratty

Rest Of Cast

Sue Blair as the Bargewoman

Gary Cadwallader as Alfred the Horse

Malcom Jessop as the Policeman(Fatface)

Georgina Jellicoe,(Chief Weasel),Ben Jessop(Weasel),Sarah Garner(Chief Ferret)

Lynette Richardson as the Washerwoman

Ian Gray as the Judge

Geraldine Lee as the Usher

Assorted Vermin(thanks to all the kids, you were great)

Lucy Kelly as Pheobie
And Mamma Rabbit

Lesley Sparrow, Director

Daniel Kingston, Stage Manager

Dawn Cadwallader, Co- Director/Prompt


Stephen Blanchard

Alice Chantry-Parke

Kalie Gray

Abby Lee

 Rosy Rogan-Mackintosh (Chief Stoat)

Quinn Rogan-Mackintosh

Sorcha Rogan-Mackintosh

Molly Wilson.

And a great big "thank-you" to all those who assisted behind the scene's.

St Peter’s Hill Players is an amateur dramatics society group based in Grantham, Lincolnshire . We perform two productions a year at the Guildhall Arts Centre, and are always happy to see new faces at our rehearsals! We rehearse twice a week at The Meres Leisure Centre. We also hold regular social readings which is a great way for new people to join are merry band of players! We choose a script and spend a lively evening taking different character parts. If you have a play you would like to hear read, or you have written a script you would like to propose just contact us. If you are interested in amateur dramatics please come along. To find out when we are next meeting go to our Diary page.