Just a few of the cast Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg relaxing in the stocks       

A little bit of magic from the wyrd sisters.... eerhhmm... i mean the three witches

Ah nothing more romantic than witch meets fool

the duchess who, i am legally bound to say, was not there when the murder took place

the official portrait of the Duke and Duchess

the duke and his guard

the duke and duchess finding amusement in nanny ogg's suffering

 weather report - fool style

granny weatherwax and nanny ogg discovering that size does matter after all!

 the vittollers on adoption day

  Nanny ogg - poster girl for healthy living

cast caught unawares...well some of them!

St Peter’s Hill Players is an amateur dramatics society group based in Grantham, Lincolnshire . We perform two productions a year at the Guildhall Arts Centre, and are always happy to see new faces at our rehearsals! We rehearse twice a week at The Meres Leisure Centre. We also hold regular social readings which is a great way for new people to join are merry band of players! We choose a script and spend a lively evening taking different character parts. If you have a play you would like to hear read, or you have written a script you would like to propose just contact us. If you are interested in amateur dramatics please come along. To find out when we are next meeting go to our Diary page.